About Us

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I was born in Parma and since my childhood my parents have instilled in my head the love for an extraordinary land like Sardinia and its splendid sea.
Now, at the age of 42, I managed to move to Porto Faro di Palau, a town 5 meters from the sea overlooking the splendid island of La Maddalena; I live here with my wife Luigia and my son Uber born in 2015!
We have an activity of chartering boats and apartments with beds available both on board and on land a few steps from the sea and if you come to see us we will be happy to share with you our dream!

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We are pleased to offer the following services:
Rental and Lease of Boats, Yacht Service, Sea Taxi from your Hotel, Water toys, Tours to deep-sea fishing, Honeymoon / Advertising Photographic Services on board.

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Boats & Accomodation

We are equipped with two different types of boats.
Our flagship is a BERTRAM 31, a 10-meter yatch called UBER MUDD: ​​a 20th-century American nautical myth.
The most solid hull ever completely renovated in engines, safety, electronics and interiors with state-of-the-art audio and electronic systems.
Equipped with every comfort and option, from hot water to beach towels and cushions, from snorkeling equipment, blue safari to sport and coastal fishing, water toys and water scooters!
This type of boat is granted only with our driver and has a maximum of 8 transportable passengers.

If you have a boat license and you want to navigate in person by the beautiful islands of the archipelago we offer you a semi-cabin: the American TROPHY 7.30 meters called LA PERLA.
230 hp in / outboard diesel engine with excellent consumption / performance ratio, equipped with sundeck, external shower, aft beach, awnings and igloo fridge with a maximum capacity of 7 transportable passengers.

As a complementary accomodation we also have an apartment a few meters from the sea in a quiet residence; suitable for 4 people.

Porto Faro and La Maddalena Location


Palau is located in one of the most scenic ramifications of the north-eastern coast of Sardinia, facing the island of La Maddalena. The town is characterized by an artistically shaped coastline that is unique in the world.

La Maddalena is the name of the main island of an archipelago off the north-eastern tip of Sardinia, made up of over sixty islands, islets and rocks, the islands of the Archipelago are important destination in the north of Sardinia and in the Costa Smeralda with most tourist services and accommodation operating from May to October.
Most of the islands' archipelago beaches are made of fine sand in a memorable landscape; evocative lands and marinas where the granite rocks are accompanied by the turquoise sea. The sea currents and geology have formed these particular beaches with the particular and unique color of the sand.
For the most part, the islands, apart from La Maddalena and some houses on Caprera, are uninhabited, uncontaminated and protected by the authorities of the national park.
The boat trip is certainly the ideal and most sought after way to discover the archipelago's beaches and its unique landscapes.